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Our Mission

Our mission is not just to develop a skilled dancer, but to ignite passion, build character from within, and create an experience that transcends the real world into the dance floor.

What Sets us Apart

Music selections:










What we offer:

exposure to performing on various platforms

a place to find & foster one’s true self

community involvement

a family-like community

Raving Fans

“Outside of the home, Ciena was always an introvert. Quiet, cautious, scared. Knowing that she was about to start kindergarten the following year, I was nervous about her transition. So, I started looking for something to help her excel. Then I found Chon Reneé and her dance academy. A blessing to say the very least. Even After reading on Chon’s achievements and accomplishments, I was still nervous. But, the kindness of Chon was undeniably genuine. She held Ciena’s hand the first day…while teaching the rest of the kids…for the whole hour. Who does that?!!! (I know because I was that mom outside …peeking through the window praying my child didn’t have a meltdown). By the 3rd class, she was hooked!!!!”

-Ms. Li, Dance Mom


“Chon Renee Dance Academy sets a great foundation for any child who has an interest in performing arts. Through my experience as a Dance Mom , I found that your child will gain great leadership skills through fundraising efforts, as well as interpersonal and social skills by the continuous group interaction. What I love most about being a part of the Chon Renee Dance Academy family, is that my child has gained lot’s of exposure and participated in many community outreach events.”

-Mrs. Jacobs, Dance Mom


“Before CRDA: Maddison is our long awaited first born! Needless to say, while full of personality she was a bit coddled. Chon Renee Dance Academy was her second pursuit at taking a dance class. Previously she failed to create any bond with the instructor nor her peers. She expressed no interest outside of class to practice or show off her talent.
CURRENTLY: Maddison is our little show bunny, during family events we are often graced with a ‘Maddison Presents: show!’ CRDA has embossed an unspoken expectation to conduct yourself as a lady, always do your best, and to show patience and kindness toward your peers. My daughter has experienced this standard and it bleeds over into her interactions at both home and school. She’s our budding flower and she knows it! Her confidence and desire to work to do her best is amazing and encouraging, even to mommy.” – Mrs. Ervin (Dance Mom)


Established in 2009 by Chon Reneé, in Dallas, Texas, Chon Reneé Dance Academy (CRDA) relocated to Vallejo, CA in 2012. CRDA offers recreational dance arts programs to give people of all ages a creative outlet and artistic platform. One of the primary aspects of the company is producing theatrical dance arts performances. Our mission is not just to develop a skilled dancer, but to ignite passion, build character from within, and create an experience that transcends the dance floor to the real world.

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Contact & Location

480 Redwood St., Suite 12, Vallejo, CA 94590