We offer Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Dance Theater & more.

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1 class per week – $60/mo.

2 classes per week – $96/mo.

3 classes per week – $144/mo.

4 classes – $192/mo.

Unlimited – $210/mo.

**Tuition includes complimentary Welcome Kit and (3) private sessions per year**

Registration Fee (annual): $25

Drop-In: $16/class

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Are parents allowed to sit in class?

Parents aren’t allowed to sit in class because historically the students behave and perform much better with only the instructor in the room. If parents would like to observe their student’s first class they can, but while in class they should remain quiet and seated in the designated area.

What’s the dancewear kit for and can I buy my own dancewear?
The dancewear is for photo shoots, uniform day, and performances. The photo shoots are scheduled throughout the year. Uniform Days are sporadic and called for if media will be in class (photography/filming). Performances come up throughout the year, so each student will need to be ready with a uniform handy if their class is asked to participate. You can buy additional dancewear from your preferred vendor, however, we offer reasonable pricing and free shipping.

Do they need to wear the company-assigned dancewear to every single class?
It’s not necessary to wear the dancewear purchased in the kit unless asked. If you do choose to dress them in the dancewear from time to time, please keep it clean and taken care of, so it will be in good condition when needed.

Do you have a recital costume fee, and if so, how much?
The average recital costume fees in the area are about $150, but at CRDA ours is usually between $75-$100!
Industry-standard is that you pay a costume fee to only rent the costume, but at CRDA you get to keep your costume!